January New Features Release

Happy New Year everyone!

We’ve been working over the festive season on many new features, upgrades and bug fixes as we continue on our mission to make you a more efficient, profitable and successful seller on Amazon.

Here’s What’s New!

Automatic Emails

New Features

Refund Trigger: Since late November you can now use the trigger “Refund” to send an email to customers who’ve been issued a refund

New Tags: You asked for it, now you have it! You can now include many more Tags within your emails, enabling you to offer an even more personalised and detailed experience to your customers.
Need more tags? Let us know by replying to this email and we’ll include them in an upcoming update.

Bug Fixes

Broken Tags: Some of you reported various issues with Tags. These were very seldom and rare and I thank you for bringing these to our attention. We were able to fix these within a week.

Coming Soon
A/B Testing: Run A/B Split testing email campaigns to determine which emails have the best opening and click through rate, and ultimately lead to the most reviews!

Product-specific campaigns: Send a specific campaign for only a specific set of products. This is particularly useful if you send PDF product guides as attachments to your emails.

Invoicing: This feature has been asked for many many times and we’ll begin working on it very soon. This will include VAT rules for EU transactions…

Auto Save: Your campaigns will auto-save as you edit them, removing the need to manually save changes as you go.

Advertising (PPC)

New Features
Sticky Header: As you scroll down the Ads Performance table, so do the column headers. This is useful for those of you with a large number of keyword and search term per campaign.

Detail Sorting: You can sort in Ascending and Descending order at the Ad Group, Keyword and Search Term level for any metric!

Recommendations Updating Icon: When new data is downloaded to your database or you’ve created or edited a recommendation rule, this icon will appear as the recommendations are updated. This usually only takes a few minutes. 

Pre-Set Search Term Recommendations: A powerful time saver to guide straight to the search terms we recommend you immediately list as Negative and those who we recommend you add as keywords to your campaigns. 

Faster Loading: We’ve done some behind the scenes improvements to speed up the Ads Performance table loading times.

Bug Fixes
No bugs found nor reported

Coming Soon
Duplicates: Easily identify duplicate keywords and search terms across Ad Groups and Campaigns. This will enable you to focus your budget on bidding the keyword producing the best returns on your investment.

Keyword Suggestions: We’re building a smart keyword engine to provide you with new keywords for your campaigns. Use these both for your Sponsored Products campaigns as well as to improve your listings.

Change History: Review all the changes made within Trendle Analytics and Seller Central on any of your campaigns, ad groups, keywords and search terms. This will enable you to also revert any previously made changes with just one click.

Negative Keyword at Campaign or Ad Group Level: Currently, when a search term or keyword is marked as “Negative Exact” or “Negative Phrase” this is by default applied at the Ad Group level only. We’ll offer you the option to choose whether to keep it like this or to change it to Campaign Level Negative Keyword instead.


I’d like to say a big thank you to all who provided us with awesome suggestions and feedback!
We build what YOU need, so keep the emails and chats coming!

The whole Trendle team wishes you success and health for this New Year 2018!

Happy Selling!

Trendle Analytics Founder


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