February New Features!

Here’s What’s New in February!


Say “Hello”, “Bonjour”, “Ciao”, “Hola” or “Hallo” to Trendle Analytics in your language! You can easily set your preferred language on any page within the application.
Over the coming weeks, we’ll be adding help pages documentation in each language.

Advertising PPC:

New Features

Breadcrumbs: We’ve changed how the main Ads Performance table works to give you faster speed and responsiveness as you drill down to your search terms!

Date Added: You can view the date on which a campaign, ad group, keyword or search term first appeared.
This is especially useful at the Search Term level as it enables you to focus in on new search terms that may have appeared since your last campaign optimisation.

Product Costs: We’ve updated the Product Costs table to make it look nicer, be quicker and (more importantly) be searchable!

Coming Soon

Duplicates: Easily identify duplicate keywords and search terms across Ad Groups and Campaigns. This will enable you to focus your budget on bidding the keyword producing the best returns on your investment.

Keyword Suggestion: We’re building a smart keyword engine to provide you with new keywords for your campaigns. Use these both for your Sponsored Products campaigns as well as to improve your listings.

Change History: Review all the changes made within Trendle Analytics and Seller Central on any of your campaigns, ad groups, keywords and search terms. This will enable you to also revert any previously made changes with just one click.

Negative Keyword at Ad Group or Campaign level: Currently, when a search term or keyword is marked as “Negative Exact” or “Negative Phrase” this is by default applied at the Ad Group level only. We’ll offer you the option to choose whether to keep it like this or to change it to Campaign Level Negative Keyword instead.

Campaign SchedulingCreate a custom plan for when your campaigns should go live and when not. This is a powerful feature to leverage your budget at the times of day that drive you the most sales.


As always, a big thank you from ME to all of YOU who provided us with awesome suggestions and feedback!
We build what you need, so keep the emails and chats coming!

Happy Selling!

Trendle Analytics Founder

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