Here’s What’s New at the end of March!

As mentioned last time: We’re keeping up the pace!!

I’m excited to share with you today a number of updates and new features to our Advertising PPC tools!

We’re keeping going and we’re already working on the next set of updates and new features to help you automate your bidding strategies, lower your spend, increase your sales and profitability, whilst spending less time managing your campaigns!

Advertising (PPC)

New Features

Duplicates: With “Duplicates” you can quickly spot which Keywords and which Search Terms appear in multiple campaigns and ad groups. This allows you to compare where the keyword is performing the best and therefore to invest more in that Campaign & Ad Group and lower or stop investing in the other ad groups where it is producing lower returns on your investment.

History: You can now view and search all changes that have been made across all your campaigns. This allows you to revert any mistakes or previously made changes, as well as to review which actions you took per campaign.

Bulk Action: You can now easily select multiple keywords or search terms and perform one action for all.
For example, do you want to Negative Exact 100 search terms? You can do this in just a few seconds.

Suggested keywords: Out of ideas for keywords to advertise on? Use our Suggested Keywords tool to find dozens of ideas instantly.

Column Filters: Drill down on your data by focusing only on the numbers that interest you. Find out much more quickly the good, the bad and the ugly search terms in your campaigns and promote or kill as you see fit

Choose Negative at Ad Group or Campaign level: When you set a keyword or search term as “Negative Exact” or “Negative Phrase”, you can now choose whether this should apply at the Campaign or at the Ad Group level

Expand text editor: You can now expand the text box so you can view your whole email in all its glory 🙂

Automatic emails

New Feature

Seller Feedback Link Tag: We’ve added a new tag this week making super easy for your customers to leave you a seller feedback.



Stay tuned for some more updates in 2-3 weeks from now!
We build what you need, so keep the emails and chats coming!

Happy Selling!

Trendle Analytics Founder

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