Application Updates: What’s new?

We make updates, fixes and minor improvements every week. However, in this blog we highlight only the major feature updates that we have made each month.

17th April 2019:

  • Recommendations now load up to 10x faster!

1st April 2019:

  • Ads Campaign Manager Update: We’ve improved the “Create Campaign” feature within the Advertising section so that you can choose the latest bidding strategies and product targeting options. You can also create multiple ad groups in one go this is a huge time saver compared to Seller Central which forces you to create one ad group at a time (=painful!)
  • Ads Recommendations: We’ve updated the recommendations table to show you more information and allow you to perform more actions
  • CRM Statistics: We’ve improved the page loading speed enormously

20th March 2019:

  • New Pricing: We’ve introduced a $250 monthly subscription which includes all the best of Trendle. The $50 monthly subscription now has reduced functionalities to reflect associated technical costs
  • Inventory Forecast: Now available to all users! Thank you to our Beta testers for their feedback over the last few months. You can expect many more updates in the coming months
  • Split Testing: Update to how graphs are displayed to make it clear which test was run when

14th March 2019:

  • Profitability Analytics at marketplace level is now open to all, thank you to our beta users for their feedback!
  • Advertising: We’ve update how we show you Negative Keywords. You can now see which Keywords are now Negative as well as their previous state, that way you have better insights as to what changes were made. You can also see the date this changed by looking in the column “Date Changed”
  • Product Reviews page loads now up to 50x faster

13th December 2018:

  • New email tag: Contact Amazon
  • Email campaigns: Exclude All / Include All button for selecting SKUs to include or exclude
  • Email Campaign pages loading speed improved 10x + !

21st November 2018:

  • Emails: New tags for “Buyer First Name” and “Order Link”

23rd October 2018:

  • Emails: Add a Tag as a hyperlink: This allow you to make a picture or any text you wish link to Product Review page for example
  • Emails: Use CSV upload to quickly set the list of products to Include and Exclude per email message campaign
  • Split Testing: we now provide you with Statistical Significance analysis, enabling you to quickly decide which Test is best
  • Keyword Ranking: Download to Excel all the keyword ranks for all your products and keywords
  • Keyword Ranking: Use CSV upload to add keywords to track to your existing products

26th September 2018:

  • Settings: You can now view your Trendle invoices under Settings > Billing

24th September 2018:

  • Inventory Age is now available to all users under Beta!

18th September 2018:

  • Split Test is now available to all users under Beta!

17th September 2018:

  • New Tags in for your Automatic Emails: Star Rating & Leave A Review button

3rd September 2018:

  • Updates to “Products to Include” filter in Automatic Emails

16th August 2018:

  • Save test email addresses
  • Contact Us Tag
  • Review alert emails segmentation: Choose who in your team should receive email alerts for new product reviews and seller feedback

30th July 2018:

  • Disable Automatic Email link tracking

14th June 2018:

  • Filters for Product Reviews and Seller Feedbacks
  • New design for Review alert emails
  • FBA Reimbursements: Fixed a bug that would showed estimated amounts owed even though all amounts were already recovered
  • Email Templates: You can now delete previously created email templates

6th June 2018:

  • Ads: Campaign Manager now shows campaign Start and End Date. You can also edit these directly in Trendle with instant change on Amazon

22nd May 2018:

  • Keyword Ranking: Add keywords using commas or breakline
  • FBA Reimbursement only subscription launched: Many of you are interested in this service but are tied in to long term contracts with other all-in-one tools, so we’re making it possible for you to just use our Reimbursement service without having the use of the tool

24th April 2018:

  • New CRM Tag: ASIN
  • Ads: View Recommendations results more easily and take quick actions easily

12th April 2018:

  • Keyword Ranking is live!

12rd March 2018:

  • PPC:
    • Duplicates: With “Duplicates” you can quickly spot which Keywords and which Search Terms appear in multiple campaigns and ad groups. This allows you to compare where the keyword is performing the best and therefore to invest more in that Campaign & Ad Group and lower or stop investing in the other ad groups where it is producing lower returns on your investment.
    • History: You can now view and search all changes that have been made across all your campaigns. This allows you to revert any mistakes or previously made changes, as well as to review which actions you took per campaign.
    • Bulk Action: You can now easily select multiple keywords or search terms and perform one action for all.
      For example, do you want to Negative Exact 100 search terms? You can do this in just a few seconds.
    • Suggested keywords: Out of ideas for keywords to advertise on? Use our Suggested Keywords tool to find dozens of ideas instantly.
    • Column Filters: Drill down on your data by focusing only on the numbers that interest you. Find out much more quickly the good, the bad and the ugly search terms in your campaigns and promote or kill as you see fit
    • Choose Negative at Ad Group or Campaign level: When you set a keyword or search term as “Negative Exact” or “Negative Phrase”, you can now choose whether this should apply at the Campaign or at the Ad Group level
  • Automatic Emails
    • Seller Feedback Link Tag: We’ve added a new tag this week making super easy for your customers to leave you a seller feedback

6th March 2018

  • Automatic Emails
    • Product filter: You can now set a campaign message to be sent only to customers who’ve bought a specific product. This is great if you want to send a pdf with instructions for example.
      For those of you with many products, we’ll be adding a search bar and other functionalities to this within the next 2-3 weeks to make it easier to select the products you want to include.
    • New or Existing customer?: You can now segment your emails to be sent either to new customers (first time they’ve purchased from you) or existing customers (people who’ve already bought at least 1 product from you in the past). This is a fantastic way to increase your chances of receiving reviews as repeat customers are usually happy customers!
    • FBA or FBM?: If you need to segment your customers between FBM or FBA fulfilled orders, then you can now do that too!
    • Font size: You can now choose font size using numbers (trivial but practical!)
    • Undo & Redo: Made a mistake? No problem, you can now Undo and Redo your last actions
    • Custom images and logos: We’ve made improvements if you want to include your own pictures and logos to your emails
    • Expand text editor: You can now expand the text box so you can view your whole email in all its glory 🙂

20th February 2018:

  • Japan, Australia and India now supported

6th February 2018:

  • Advertising:
    • Breadcrumbs: We’ve changed how the main Ads Performance table works to give you faster speed and responsiveness as you drill down to your search terms!
    • Date Added: You can view the date on which a campaign, ad group, keyword or search term first appeared.This is especially useful at the Search Term level as it enables you to focus in on new search terms that may have appeared since your last campaign optimisation.
    • Product Costs: We’ve updated the Product Costs table to make it look nicer, be quicker and (more importantly) be searchable!

3rd January 2018 – We are Live!

  • Automatic emails
    • Refund Trigger: Since late November you can now use the trigger “Refund” to send an email to customers who’ve been issued a refund
    • New Tags: You asked for it, now you have it! You can now include many more Tags within your emails, enabling you to offer an even more personalised and detailed experience to your customers.
      Need more tags? Let us know by replying to this email and we’ll include them in an upcoming update.
  • Advertising
    • Sticky Header: As you scroll down the Ads Performance table, so do the column headers. This is useful for those of you with a large number of keyword and search term per campaign.
    • Detail Sorting: You can sort in Ascending and Descending order at the Ad Group, Keyword and Search Term level for any metric!
    • Recommendations Updating Icon: When new data is downloaded to your database or you’ve created or edited a recommendation rule, this icon will appear as the recommendations are updated. This usually only takes a few minutes. 
    • Pre-Set Search Term Recommendations: A powerful time saver to guide straight to the search terms we recommend you immediately list as Negative and those who we recommend you add as keywords to your campaigns. 
    • Faster Loading: We’ve done some behind the scenes improvements to speed up the Ads Performance table loading times.

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