Inviting & removing users to your Trendle account

You can invite other people to access your Trendle account using their own set of email address and password credentials. Here’s how to invite someone: 1) Go to 2) Click on “Invite User” 3) Enter an email address and Send! The recipient will need to click on a link in […]

Ads – Overview guide

The world of Amazon Advertising is large, complex and ever changing. We’ve attempted to summarise all the key elements of Amazon Sponsored Products Advertising into multiple articles. In each article we try to provide a short summary that you can implement immediately as well as a detail breakdown explaining our […]

Know your profitability!

This article is step 4 of our step-by-step guides through Amazon PPC Sponsored Products   Know your SKUs true profitability Before you perform any marketing activities, you need to know what your true profitability is per product. Once you have established this you can set your campaign spending targets down […]

The basics to advertising on Amazon

This article is step 1 of our step-by-step guides through Amazon PPC Sponsored Products   General Knowledge What is “Sponsored Products”? Amazon’s Sponsored Products (SP) is a way to advertise your products to customers at the top, the side or the bottom of a page. When you run a campaign, […]

Inventory Forecast

Our Inventory Forecasting tool is fresh out of development and is now ready for all to use! The objective of this tool is to help you restock in time before you sell out. In the table you can see the current FBA stock and sales for the last 30 and […]

Marketplace Profitability

Our first profitability dashboard looks at your overall company performance across all your markets. Summary cards At the top you will see a set of tables (or cards) that summarise your performance across all your countries for the last 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 days. This allows you to […]

Bidding & Placement strategies

This article is step 2 of our step-by-step guides through Amazon PPC Sponsored Products   In January 2019, Amazon rolled out new settings for advertising campaigns enabling you to choose from up to 5 different bidding options. What has changed? Previously, all you could do was to set a desired […]

Making changes to your Keywords & Search Terms

Within Trendle you can quickly and easily make the following changes to your keywords and search terms: Negative Exact: Make this keyword Negative Exact within the current Ad Group or Campaign Negative Phrase: Make this keyword Negative Phrase within the current Ad Group or Campaign Change to Broad: This will copy […]

Split Testing – Statistical Significance

What is Statistical Significance? In short, it means this: Based on the data collected during the test, we can confidently state that “A” or “B” is the best choice. Here are some more details about Statistical Significance from around the web: Investopedia ( link ) : What is ‘Statistically Significant’ […]