Inventory Analytics – Age

The Inventory Age is one of two features designed to save you countless hours in tracking the status of your inventory to avoid stock outs and FBA Storage Fees. The goal of Inventory Age is to help you identify your slow moving stock so that you can take actions to […]

Split Testing

What is Split Testing and why is it important for my Amazon business? Split Testing is a great tool to use if you want to further increase your sales and improve your ranking on Amazon. Split Testing (or A/B Testing) is a method used by both Marketers and Developers to understand […]

Split Test – Analysing the results

As soon as you’ve created your test you’ll start to see some data appear in the various charts. You will see historic data (minimum 30 days) and current data. This will allow you to spot any significant changes in trend before you began running the tests. This is very valuable […]

Emails: Tracking Click Rates

Since the launch of Trendle we have been tracking the click rates statistics for each of your email campaigns. This powerful insight helps in understanding how many of your customers interact with the emails you are sending them. How do we track this? When your customer clicks on any link […]

Keyword Ranking

With our Keyword Ranking feature you can track daily the position of your products for a set number of keywords. This will help you understand where your product is ranked when customers search for it. This will help you to understand why your sales may be going up or down. […]

Application Updates: What’s new?

We make updates, fixes and minor improvements every week. However, in this blog we highlight only the major feature updates that we have made each month. 17th April 2019: Recommendations now load up to 10x faster! 1st April 2019: Ads Campaign Manager Update: We’ve improved the “Create Campaign” feature within […]

Updates! Keyword Ranking is here!!

Here’s What’s New in April! I’m excited to share with you today a brand new feature! Let us know if you would like us to add a functionality or feature and we’ll add it to the roadmap. Keyword Ranking New Feature The greatly anticipated Keyword Tracking feature is here! Track […]