Here’s What’s New at the end of March! As mentioned last time: We’re keeping up the pace!! I’m excited to share with you today a number of updates and new features to our Advertising PPC tools! We’re keeping going and we’re already working on the next set of updates and […]

India, Australia and Japan are now integrated!

After launching Trendle Analytics in French, German, Spanish and Italian a couple of weeks ago, today we’ve launched our integrations with Amazon India, Australia and Japan! Thank you for the beta testers who helped us in this preparation. These new integrations will remain in open-Beta mode for a few weeks as we […]

February New Features!

Here’s What’s New in February! Languages: Say “Hello”, “Bonjour”, “Ciao”, “Hola” or “Hallo” to Trendle Analytics in your language! You can easily set your preferred language on any page within the application. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be adding help pages documentation in each language. Advertising PPC: New Features Breadcrumbs: We’ve […]

[#WEBINAR] Introduction to Selling on Amazon

Amazon’s growth and global e-commerce dominance is so unprecedented that it’s often singled out as the main reason for declining high-street retail sales and brick and mortar shops and malls going bust. This juggernaut is nearly single-handedly changing consumers’ and businesses’ behaviour towards shopping: Online only, next day delivery as standard, […]

January New Features Release

Happy New Year everyone! We’ve been working over the festive season on many new features, upgrades and bug fixes as we continue on our mission to make you a more efficient, profitable and successful seller on Amazon. Here’s What’s New! Automatic Emails New Features Refund Trigger: Since late November you can now use […]

Are you an FBA seller? Then Amazon owes you money!

Are you an Amazon FBA seller? Then, Amazon most likely owes you money! Through our discussion with several Amazon FBA sellers we discovered a few months ago that many FBA sellers were being owed money for damaged stock in Amazon’s warehouses. We performed several analyses and one of our case […]

Is it still profitable to sell on Amazon?

Do you ever wonder about how to sell on Amazon? It’s easier than you might think. All you have to do is sign up for a seller’s account and you can start listing products right away. Amazon’s fees are reasonable, ranging from zero to $40 per month. This is a viable […]