Inventory Forecast

Our Inventory Forecasting tool is fresh out of development and is now ready for all to use! The objective of this tool is to help you restock in time before you sell out.

In the table you can see the current FBA stock and sales for the last 30 and 90 days. You can add any FBM stock that you may have as well as enter a Lead Time (ie how long you need for your supplier to send the new units to the Amazon warehouse or your own warehouse).

The application combines all of these factors to estimate when you need to place an order with your suppliers before you stock out.

You can use the filters to show only the set of SKUs that are of interested. For example, only show SKUs that I need to re-order this week.

Note that SKUs with no inventory and no sales in 90 days are by default hidden, but you can unhide them in the Filters.

Bonus for Pan EU seller:

No more adding up EU sales! We’ll pool together Pan-EU SKUs so that they appear as a unique EU country.



You can expect the following updates:

  • Recommend stock quantity to re-order: We’ll make suggestions as to how much stock you should re-order from your suppliers
  • View more historic sales: Get a breakdown per week enabling to spot any trends and adjust your re-order quantities
  • Weighted Velocity: We’ll be adjusting our algorithms based on placing more importance to recent sales rather than past sales. You will have the ability to edit these settings to match your personal preferences
  • Change Price: You’ll be able to change your product’s price directly with one click. This is particular helpful if you think you are going to sell out and you want to maximise profit on the last few units. Bonus: You can look forward to this being automated too 🙂
  • Bulk changes: Edit lead times and FBM stocks in bulk using Excels export/import functionalities

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